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Exam revision is a stressful time. No one understands this better than the creators of Ace it! so we’ve developed a range of study guides to help you do well in every subject you’re taking from Grade 8 to 12.

Everyone has to write the same tests and exams, but we know and understand that every learner learns differently. Ace it! has been developed to suit individual learning styles, while still covering all of the important concepts and skills that you need to know to succeed.

The creators of Ace it! have a long and proud history in educational materials. We rely on the best and most knowledgeable authors, many of whom are teachers. This means that you can be sure that Ace it! is a quality product, guaranteed to improve your results.

Our deep knowledge of education also means that we’ve got the experience to know how to guide learners in the right direction, and how to make something as complex as meiosis or the economic cycle seem simple.

Every Ace it! study guide has been developed to suit both the CAPS and the IEB curricula. So no matter your school, you know that everything you need to know will be in your study guide.

You can use Ace it! throughout the year to supplement your school textbooks and teachers’ notes. You can also just use them for revision just before the exams. However you choose to use them, the Ace it! study guides are the only study guides you’ll need.

Ace it! is available for subjects from Grade 8 to 12.

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