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Economic And Management Sciences Grade 8 CAPS and IEB Aligned

All You Need To Ace Your Exams

Visual Summaries

Diagrams, images and graphs make complex concepts and information easier to understand and learn.

Sample Exam Questions

Practice makes perfect! Familiarise yourself with sample exam questions in preparation for the real thing.

Helpful Marking Guidelines

Understanding how exam questions are marked will help you answer them better.

CAPS and IEB Aligned

No matter your school, everything you need to know will be in your study guide.

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All of the content and skills you need to know for your exams is covered in detail in your Ace It! study guide. You can progress through the year’s curriculum at your own pace and in your own time. There are Quick Quizzes after every section of work to test your understanding, giving you control over the sections that you need to focus on.

Ace It! also hones in on common problem areas, which your teacher might not have the time to do. Rather than skipping over what you don’t fully understand, you can take control of your learning and use Ace It! in your own time to make sure that you’ve got it right.

You can use Ace It! throughout the year to supplement your school textbook and teacher’s notes. Or you can just use it for revision before the exams. However you choose to use it, Ace It! is the only study guide you’ll need.


Economic and Management Sciences (EMS) is a blend of economic theory, business studies and accounting. Even if you do not intend to pursue the business subjects from Grade 10, EMS is a useful subject for the rest of your high school career and beyond. Ace It! Economic and Management Sciences Grade 8 simplifies content that learners often find confusing or complex.

Ace It! Economic and Management Sciences Grade 8 contains carefully developed activities at certain points in the content. This allows you to check your understanding of a particular concept before you move on. Not only will this ensure that you do well in your Grade 8 exams, but also that you build a solid foundation for Grade 9 and beyond.

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